Reveal your brand identity, translate it into operational markers in a collaborative way, surrounded by business experts.

Your brand identity is your differentiating asset for driving retail change.

Client Relations

Create a consistent customer experience, both in-store and remotely, based on your brand identity:

- Mystery visits
- Sales repository
- Customereling repository

- Support in choosing partners (customereling apps, etc.).

management retail

Go for more performance thanks to structured network management and impactful management:

- Network audit
- Managerial repository
- Process book
- Reporting tools
- Managerial rituals

- Support in choosing partners (ERP, data analysis, stock management, etc.)


Capitalize on your talent by optimizing skills management and implementing a continuous improvement mindset:

- Identifying potential trainers
- Structuring in-house training
- Designing training content and anchoring tools
- Professionalizing trainers
- Internal training marketing

- Support in choosing partners (LMS, authoring tools, mobile learning, etc.).

Human resources

Retain your talent through a better understanding of their drivers and an optimal employee experience:

- Retail Social Barometer
- Compensation system
- Organization chart, profiles and job sheets
- Integration path
- Skills assessment (RMS Profil)

- Support in choosing partners (individual management platform, etc.)

HR consulting assignments are fundable by an HRPP.