Training Train the trainer

Leverage your in-house training relays in order to effectively convey the transformation to your teams, through the design of training programmes, and the deployment and anchoring in blended-learning mode.

Concevoir des parcours blended-learning
Concevoir des ingénieries pédagogiques présentielles et distancielles (CV, e-learning, mobile-learning)
Animer des formations (salle, distance, terrain)
Ancrer les formations en salle et à distance
Intégrer les nudges dans la formation
Former avec le DISC
Piloter le ROI de la formation
Marketer la formation en interne

"As part of several transformation projects for the Printemps group, and in particular the change management of the customer experience within stores, we chose to empower a pool of efficient, charismatic and educational managers to train, lead and coach our teams.
We therefore chose RMS Consulting to train our ambassadors in charge of deploying the new Printemps signature and bringing it to life in stores over the long term.
Their support in both co-designing the new Printemps customer experience and developing our ambassadors' training posture was a success. They have gained in self-confidence and expertise in the deployment of the training.
The proximity with the RMS teams, the agility they demonstrated and their quality of facilitation enabled us to meet our objectives."
Caroline Cloarec
Director of Training and Customer Relationship Excellence at Printemps

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