skills assessment

RMS Consulting offers you a free initial session, during which you can discuss your career aspirations, your questions and your skills. Following this session, your consultant will suggest the formula best suited to your needs.

In accordance with skills assessment regulations, RMS Consulting undertakes to carry out :
- The 3-phase process: preliminary, investigation and conclusion
- The skills assessment is individual and takes into account the singularity of the beneficiary
- The follow-up assessment at 6 months
- The destruction of notes and synthesis one year after the end of the assessment
- The respect of the ethical and deontological charter of the Fédération Française des Professionnels de l'Accompagnement et du Bilan de Compétences

Our consultants are available to study together the disability compensation needs necessary for the successful realization of your skills development project.

Getting my personalized skills assessment using my CPF‍
Individual support tailored to your own transition challenges .