Personalized sales,
the key to a successful customer experience

Today, customer experience is THE priority not only for brands, but also for customers. 89% of clients go elsewhere when their customer experience is poor (source: Harris Interactive). 71% are frustrated when their sales experience is impersonal, and 91% say they are more inclined to buy when brands provide them with offers and recommendations that are relevant and dedicated to them (source: Forbes).

In the world of luxury, customers expect an experience that at least matches the image they have of the brand and the product they are buying. In this case, the act of buying is more emotional. Clients need emotion to buy fashion, luxury or beauty PARTICULARLY.

Personalized sales, which brings together the client, the sales associate and the brand in a unique way, creates the bond, trust and emotion that motivate them to make a purchase. RMS has developed a set of personalized sales skills.

Trust, discovery and exchange
Personalized sales starts with a direct connection between a salesperson and their client. To achieve this, the salesperson must show empathy and genuine interest in the customer, making them want to reveal themselves. To make this first connection, sales associates use the active listening technique and synchronizes with the customer. The salesperson's personality and empathy make all the difference in developing a customer-centric conversation that will naturally build trust and enable the salesperson to discover all aspects of the customer.

Connecting the client with the brand
During the second phase of the personalized sale, the salesperson draws on his or her discovery and observation of the customer to build a story around the product and the brand, with arguments that will touch the customer and connect him or her with the brand. The salesperson's passion for the brand and its products comes into play here. The customer is touched because the salesperson is addressing his or her emotions, with the conversation focusing on the customer and his or her relationship with the product, rather than on the product itself. The salesperson is at the heart of the relationship and of a unique identity experience.

A personalized sales profile for every salesperson
If you'd like to know the profile of your teams, the RMS Personalized Sales Profile is one of the modules of the RMS Profile digital assessment platform, which enables you to discover the personalized sales profile/level of sales personalization/ of each salesperson in your teams, with a mapping of your network. RMS trains in personalized sales and also develops your brand's sales signature, "identity based customer experience framework", for even more personalized sales.  

RMS has developed a framework of personalized selling skills and best practices, which will be adjusted to brands, digital tools and, above all, customer expectations.

Based on this know-how, RMS offers:
- The definition of your brand's differentiating customer experience, the self-assessment of your teams thanks to the digital platform
- RMS Profile
- 100% digital personalized selling training
- Tailor-made personalized and digitalized selling training courses.