The RMS Profil is a digital tool for self-assessment of retail skills, based on the RMS business benchmarks.

Would you like to know the strengths of your teams, their areas for development, or simply have factual information on which to base your HR decisions?

The RMS Profil enables you to establish a reliable diagnosis, thanks to a refined weighting algorithm, and will offer your employees or yourself an analysis deemed to be benevolent and motivating(source: Beta testing 2023).

What RMS Profil can do for you:
- Save time and be more efficient when pre-selecting CVs
- Establish a skills mapping of your network
- Identify Top Performers by skill and/or region
- Measure the evolution of skills after training
- Identify potential within the framework of an assessment or internal development
- Have factual elements to make and justify HR decisions

RMS Profil in figures :
- > 10 skills analyzed per subject
- 30 minutes for self-assessment
- Between 30 and 50 questions to determine strengths and areas for development.
- 3 levels of mastery per competency
- > 500 RMS Profiles already generated

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